A tailored assistance of corporate leaders


Compilation and analysis of financial statements

  • Accounting Audit,
  • Decision-making on statement of account options,
  • Compilation of tax returns and notes to the accounts,
  • Assistance to the Auditor’s intervention.

Tax management

  • Drafting returns,
  • Optimization and watch,
  • Assistance in the event of a tax audit,
  • Establishing tax payment schedules,
  • Tax management of Groups and Fiscal Integration.

Support to Finance Departments

  • Support to close corporate and consolidated accounts,
  • Accounting Upgrade / Crisis Management,
  • Assistance with the integration of external growths,
  • Shared Financial Management.

Diagnosis and administrative and financial organization

  • Organization of accounting departments,
  • Training of teams,
  • Process Optimization.

Assistance with Financial Information Systems

  • Analysis of the needs and definition of the specifications,
  • Advice to choose the management solution,
  • Assistance with configuration.

Outsourcing of the accounting function

  • Entire management of the entry of accounting documents,
  • Administrative Delegation,
  • Drafting of control panels and cash-flow,
  • Cash management follow-up