A technical expertise for tailored solutions

COFIGEX is comprised of:

  • Chartered Accountants
  • Auditors
  • Experienced Teams

Our clients:

  • Mid-cap Companies, SMEs and Very Small Businesses
  • Independent Groups
  • Minority/ Majority LBO
  • Listed Companies
  • Investment Funds
  • Subsidiaries or Branches of Foreign Groups

A Tailored Service Offer:

  • Focused on Advice
  • Relating to Accounting and Audit

Areas of activities:

  • Mastering over 30 areas
  • B to B: Clients Relations Centers, Software Companies, IT departments, Distribution, Internet, Architecture, Digital Agencies, Sport...
  • B to C: E-commerce Digital Native, Retail, Hotel Industry, Catering, Tourism, Amusement Parks...

    Our philosophy in 6 points

  1. Reactivity and capacity to form teams rapidly
  2. Personal involvement of partners in case management
  3. Technical level, pragmatism and efficiency of our teams
  4. Capacity to propose original and reliable solutions while maintaining a cross-disciplinary overview of the issues
  5. Permanent concern is to provide value added to all our missions
  6. Develop a true trust relationship with our clients

Our Missions